The Art of The Interview at Trade School

Crash-course with Martyna Starosta
Saturday, April 7 from 4pm to 5.30pm
Trade School at Chuchifritos, 120 Essex Street, New York

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The interview is not a defined method, it’s an exciting way to create social relationships.

Do you interview strangers, family members, friends, experts, celebrities, role-models, enemies?

Do you interview them on the street? In their kitchens? In their workplaces? In a studio? In a park? In a car? In a dinner?

Do you ask questions to understand the decisions of a character? To investigate the complexities of a social conflict? To find evidence for a crime? To reveal the hypocrisy of those in power? To question your own position as a media-maker? To provide clarity? To create confusion? To raise new questions?

We will brainstorm different interview goals and collaborate on developing the most effective ways to face these challenges.

For people who make films, produce podcasts, practice journalism, facilitate discussions, conduct research, teach interactions. And for everybody who wants to contribute to this entertaining learning experience.

Suggested reading:
Can Witnesses Speak? – On the Philosophy of The Interview by Hito Steyerl

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