Pyromaniac Exercises

[11 minutes, Berlin 2009]
Cinematographer and co-editor: Robert Mleczko

In this film, one of my alter egos, Red-Martyna, offers magical strategies of resistance in the context of global capitalism and local gentrification. The video is an hysterical fairy-tale about power, impotence and terror.

Red-Martyna claims to be able to set fires with telepathic powers in department stores, shopping mails and American fast food companies.

Ana Doma Fest für Film and Video 2010 – Braunschweig (Germany), Beta Spaces 2010 – Arts in Bushwick (NYC), Center for Contemporary Art Trondheim (Norway), Instituto Cultural Itaù Belo Horizonte & Vitória (Brazil), Paço das Artes, São Paulo (Brazil), Streaming Festival 2009,

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