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The Time for Action Is Now

Occupy Cuny #1

[8 minutes, New York 2011]
In collaboration with Iva Rad

Select Spanish subtitles

In 1969, a group of black and Puerto Rican students occupied City College demanding the integration of CUNY, which at the time had an overwhelmingly white student body. The occupation spread to other CUNY campuses, forcing the Board of Trustees to implement a ground-breaking new admissions policy.

Such occupations also occurred in the 1980s and 2000s.
It’s that time again.

As graduate Film students at Hunter College in New York, we’re very excited to see how the spreading Occupy Wall Street movement is giving new momentum to the militant protest culture of CUNY (City University, NYC).

We filmed the second General Assembly at Hunter College, and the first Occupy CUNY teach-in at Washington Square Park on October 21st, 2011.

During the last weeks, we learned how quickly small protest gatherings can turn into new social movements. This is a document about the struggle of students and adjunct faculty at Cuny.

This local struggle is part of an international student movement against neoliberal dictatorship. This is only the beginning. The time for action is now.

Let’s Make History Repeat Itself  by Alden Burke in The Hunter Envoy

Anthology Film Archive (NYC), CUFF 2012 – City University Film Festival (NYC)

Featured in:
European Platform for Progressive Politics
, Free Speech TVThe Hunter Envoy, The Monthly Review, Occupy Cuny News


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Diversity of Tactics

[8 minutes, New York 2011]

The following recordings combines two different protests which occurred within 24 hours. One protest was announced and failed. The other protest was unpredicted and successful. I don’t know if you can hear the difference between failure and success. I believe that the different energy levels are audible. But don’t trust me. I am speaking to you as a participant, not as a docummentarian.

For this piece, I combined field recordings from two different marches of the Occupy Wall Street movement. Both marches happened during the International Day of Rage on October 15, 2011.

The sound bites depict the highly emotionalized temperature of crowds. I decided to contrast them with a personal narration which adds analytical reflection to the field recordings.

I want to play with two time layers: The spontaneity of the crowd as it is trying to act as one body in present tense, and the individual voice that attempts to revisit sound memories after the march has occured.

Featured in:
The People’s Production House


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Radivojević & Starosta at Occupy The Media

Iva Radivojević & Martyna Starosta participate in a panel
on the Role of Independent Media

Brooklyn Filmmakers Collective presents:
October 20th, 7:30pm
The Commons
388 Atlantic Avenue Brooklyn

In just under three weeks over 10,000 videos about Occupy Wall Street have been created and uploaded online. These videos – revealing police excess, marches, general assemblies and more formal documentaries covering the nature and processes of the movement – are helping to activate and proliferate the movement worldwide.
The Brooklyn Filmmakers Collective will host a discussion and screening looking at the practice and theory of covering a social movement through video. Four of the most viewed videos from Occupy Wall Street (with over 600,500 views to date) will be presented by the Brooklyn filmmakers who created them.

Guest moderator Martin Lucas, director of the Integrated Media Arts MFA program at Hunter College and a senior fellow at the Center for Health Media Policy, will lead a discussion on the role of video in social movements, the coverage of Occupy Wall Street, and the potential challenges of the overwhelming amount of media coming out of Occupy Wall Street today.

Nobody Can Predict The Moment Of Revolution by Iva Radivojevic & Martyna Starosta, 8 min
Right Here All Over by Alex Mallis, Lily Henderson & Ed David, 7 min
@OccupyTheHood, Occupy Wall Street by Adele Pham, 3 min
Consensus by Meerkat Media Collective, 8 min


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We The People Have Found Our Voice

Occupy Wall Street #2

[8 minutes, New York 2011]
In collaboration with Iva Rad

We the people have found our voice.
(NYC General Assembly, September 27, 2011)

If it’s our sharing that makes us powerful, why return to normal?
This life is more worth living than the one we left behind.
(Anonymous leaflet, Solidarity March with Occupy Wall Street, October 5, 2011)

How do our voices of dissent encounter each other?
Do we really want to merge our raging cacophony into a unified political agenda?
What if the voice of the people is always in a mode of becoming?
Welcome to the hidden track of Occupy Wall Street:
We are discovering new ways in which our desires can resonate together.
This space is our sonogram of potential.

Union Docs – organized by Rooftopfilms (NYC), ONE WORLD BERLIN Film Festival for for Human Rights and Media – Arsenal Kino (Germany)

Featured in:
99% Videos, European Platform for Progressive Politics, Free Speech TVHarper’s Magazine, The Hunter Envoy, The Filmmaker Magazine, The Polis, Truth Media TV, Reflections of a Revolution, Occupy Videos, Weltnetz TV

Soon on the DVD “Mic Check” – an anthology of short documentaries on Occupy Wall Street. Distributed by the Media Education Foundation.


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Nobody Can Predict The Moment of Revolution

Occupy Wall Street #1

[8 minutes, New York 2011]
In collaboration with Iva Rad

Subtitles: Danish, Malayalam, Russian, Spanish (choose language on universal subtitles), German and Japanese

Iva and I, shot this video during the 5th and 6th day of the occupation of Liberty Square. The Occupy Wall Street movement was inpired by recent uprisings in Spain, Greece, Egypt, and Tunisia which most of us were following online. Despite of the initial media blackout by corporate media, yahoo’s attempt to censor e-mail communication and incredible police brutality, the occupation has been growing in numbers and spreading to other cities in the US and abroad.

This video went viral within few days. We received video responses from all over the world, including Berlin and Belgrad!

NYU Gallatin Galleries (NYC), Red Hook Film Festival (NYC), The Commons – organized by The Brooklyn Filmmaker’s Collective (NYC), ONE WORLD BERLIN Film Festival for for Human Rights and Media – Arsenal Kino (Germany)

Featured in:
Brooklyn Rail
, Common Dreams, European Platform for Progressive Politics, Free Speech TV, labournet.tv, Jadaliya Egypt, laournet.tv, The Filmmaker Magazine, The Hunter Envoy, Reflections of a Revolution, Occupy Videos, Occupy.com, Time News Feed, Webdice Japan, ZEIT ONLINE

Soon on the DVD “Mic Check” – an anthology of short documentaries on Occupy Wall Street. Distributed by the Media Education Foundation.

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