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Voodoo Instructions

[10 minutes, Berlin 2009]

Cinematography and art department: Robert Mleczko
Cast: Alfonso Caiazzo, Lise Chevalier, Manuel de la Peza, Forian Druckenthaner, Antje Engelmann, Markues, Natalia Realpe, Martyna Starosta

This anti-capitalist fairy tale is a follow up of Pyromaniac Exercises. It is starring one of my alter egos, Red Martyna, who fights against the gentrification of her Berlin neighborhood, Kreuzberg. This area has been historically 
an attractive place for artists, anarchists and left
radical groups.

In this case the total destruction is not directed
 against the multinational fast food establishment, 
but against its fancy consumers. The video’s playful form
 refers to the schizophrenia produced by capitalism.

Center for Contemporary Art Trondheim (Norway), Emerge and See – Media Arts Festival Berlin (Germany), Meisterschueleraustellung 2010 – University of the Arts Berlin, World Art Tendency Sarajevo Winter Festival (Kosovo)


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Pyromaniac Exercises

[11 minutes, Berlin 2009]
Cinematographer and co-editor: Robert Mleczko

In this film, one of my alter egos, Red-Martyna, offers magical strategies of resistance in the context of global capitalism and local gentrification. The video is an hysterical fairy-tale about power, impotence and terror.

Red-Martyna claims to be able to set fires with telepathic powers in department stores, shopping mails and American fast food companies.

Ana Doma Fest für Film and Video 2010 – Braunschweig (Germany), Beta Spaces 2010 – Arts in Bushwick (NYC), Center for Contemporary Art Trondheim (Norway), Instituto Cultural Itaù Belo Horizonte & Vitória (Brazil), Paço das Artes, São Paulo (Brazil), Streaming Festival 2009,

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