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Dialog about an Image

[3 minutes, Warsaw 2008]

In collaboration with Joaquín del Paso

From a window in Warsaw, the two directors film an old woman leaning against a pole. The wind is blowing in the street and the plastic bag the woman is holding is fluttering. The two directors discuss whether or not to use the shot for their film. A short essay on documentary theory that concentrates on an inextricably dense set of issues in a single image: how to handle the voyeuristic relationship the documentary (and cinema tout court) has with reality, what reason the images have in the gap with reality, how to describe, what to describe, why describe at all.
Davide Oberto, 26th Torino Film Festival 2008

Dialogue about an Image was filmed „by accident“ las year in Warsaw. The video is both wretched and beautiful – are they mocking her? Is it cruel or tender?
Press release of the Exhibition „Traffic scarcely audible“ DOMOBAAL Gallery London, 2009

26th Torino Film Festival (Italy), DOMOBAAL Gallery London (UK), Festival International Documentaire (France), Kunstfilmtag 2010, Düsseldorf (Germany),


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